Thursday, September 18, 2014

Pakistan Emigrants - Protector Office visit. September 2014

Some pictures to guide you to the exact location and process of getting your protector requirement done for any country. Pictures speaks a thousand words.

    Protector and NICOP

    • Initially get your NICOP Registration done from NADARA office initially. In executive processing the fee of SMART NICOP is Rs. 5400/= dated September 2014
    • It is recommended to get the NICOP from your own area NADRA Office. Other offices even executives are not accepting applications of other areas.
    • Submit the fee and get your token.
    • Wait for your turn and complete the process as mentioned by them

    Requirements for NICOP
    1. Your Original Passport
    2. Original NIC
    3. Better to have your Parents Original NIC or your Wife as well. It is required for Next Kin information.
    1. When all submission is done get it attested it from Govt. officer and submit it back to NADRA. They will stamp on the back of your coupon.

    As on website

    A NICOP applicant is required to produce the following documents at the time of application:
    • Birth Certificate or
    • Old NIC or
    • Matriculation Certificate or
    • CNICs of immediate relatives or
    • Passport (mandatory in case of new)

    • For further details please refer to the checklist in related downloads or call us on our UAN 111-786-100.

    1. Required documents as follows - Varies as per the country visiting

    • Valid Visa - Color Copy
    • Valid Passport  Original
    • Original NIC
    • Contract Letter of the hiring company
    • Your Company Experience letter and Salary mentioned in it. Original
    • Police Certificate - attested from MOFA
    • All receipts of payments as mentioned below.
    • Picture - take 2-3 passport size photos with you

    • All set of documents verified and made by photocopier inside Protector Office. He will guide with the rest of the process.

    Submission of the fees in the following

    1. 2500 Chalan to be submitted initially in National Bank - visit NCB for details.
    Photocopy person sitting near will give the next HBL Chalan to you
    1. 2000 Chalan to be submitted in HBL - visit HBL Shahrah-e-Faisal for more details
    2. 2000 submission of fees of State Life insurance in HBL - visit HBL Shahrah-e-Faisal for more details

    Total Costing around
    Rs. 11900

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