Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Create and setup a new company - Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

General Ledger Setup

  1. Create a new Company
  2. Organization > Run Number Sequences Wizard - Run the Wizard
  3. Go to GL
    1. Setup > General Ledger Parameters and set some parameters there
Batch Transfer mode > Synchronous
Ledger > Voucher > Accept duplicates.

  1. General Ledger > Setup > COA
Create a new COA - JAK JAK COA

  1. Create a new fiscal calendar first JAK Holding Calendar
  2. Create a new fiscal year for 1 or 2 years then.
  3. General Ledger > Setup > Ledger
Select COA, Fiscal Calendar, Currency
  1. GL > Setup > Financial Dimensions. Create a new one.
Create a Department and Cost Center Financial Dimensions.

  1. Create main accounts
General Ledger > Common > Main Accounts
  1. 101 Cash in Hand - Balance Sheet
  2. 102 Cash at Bank - Balance Sheet
  3. 103 Financial Inventory - Cement  - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry.
  4. 104 Financial Inventory - Steel - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry.
  5. 105 Goods received - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry. Category Inventory
  6. 106 Accounts Receivable - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry. Category AR
  7. 107 Building - Balance Sheet . Fixed Asset Account. Other Assets

  1. 201 Accounts Payable - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry. AP
  2. 202 Accrued Liability - Balance Sheet. Do not allow manual entry.

  1. 401 Rent Income - PandL Account. Income account.
  2. 501 Project Hours - PandL Cost of Goods sold account. Do not allow manual entry
  3. 502 Purchases - PandL Cost of goods sold. Do not allow manual entry.

  1. GL > Setup > Configure accounting structure.
JAK Balance Sheet Structure and define a new rule to be between 101 to 399 only.
JAK Profit and Loss Structure and define a new rule to be between 401 to 599

Also Activate the accounting structure.

Segments only created in Profit and Loss only.
Add segment > JAK Department Select it which is a new dimension created. Allow blank also in that.
JAK CC and allow blank as well

  1. From GL > Setup > Ledger > Select the accounting structures created just now.

  1. Create a new ledger journal
GL > Setup > Journal > Journal Names
Create a new JV Journal Voucher Journal

Accounts Receivable Setup
  • Same setup to be followed as that of Accounts Payable Setup

  • Create posting profile, select default and create payment methods
  • In Payment Methods - select payment status as received.

Accounts Payable Setup
  • Vendor Posting Profile Make a new one. Table and Select Accounts Payable Account in the Summary column
  • Accounts payable parameters, and select the posting profile just created in Ledger and Sales Tax. Default Posting Profile
  • Modify number sequence of Vendor Account if you want to have a meaningful . Add a contact V and remove company if you want that. Optional Step
  • Setup > Payment > Method of Payment >  create a new one. CASH. Payment Type > Other
Select Payment Status as Sent
  • Another Payment Method > Check Method of Payment > Check and make it required in the payment options
For check use setup and select check - move it to the left and press okay. And select check in the Export Format.
  • Make 1-2 new vendors in the system. Payment options make as check
  • Parameters > Updates > Post product receipt to Ledger (Make it checked marked)

Product Information Management
Create a new product to be used in the system.

Cash and Bank Setup
  • Create bank account. Set main account as Cash at Bank. Define check method as fixed. Tab of Check at the top and set it to fixed.
  • Create checks only. From Common > Checks > Create checks

Human Resource
Another blog post having detailed information about Human Resources


Another blog post having detailed information about Payroll information

A good reference from the following web-sites
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