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Duplicate SSRS Reports in Dynamics AX 2012

Able to duplicate the report by following the blog entry on the following

Steps to follow to duplicate the Report

1- Duplicate the classes first via AOT
2- Create a new Visual Studio Project - Reports and add it to AOT as well
3- Duplicate the Report from Visual Studio - Application Tree
4- Modify the report and make any changes to the code after copying.

Encountered the following issues

- When tried to point the database to the new DP Class, then Visual Studio giving an error.
- This error was resolved by creating a new dataset and then deleting the old one. (Deleting the Dataset is important point ! as without that it will not allow you to proceed)
- However you also need to adjust the output parameters as adding a new dataset will introduce new output parameters which need to be removed. Do remember to refer to the old parameters. This is a tedious task, but need to be done in order to complete the copy.

Screen Shots as follows

Resolution of the error as follows by going on the Report and Modifying the Dataset manually.

Original Post by the User

Dynamics Ax 2012: How to duplicate the existing report for modification

NOVEMBER 14, 2013
I got task to extend the existing dynamics ax SSRS report. Client also wants to sustain the existing report. They want a new report that will be replicate the original one with extended features. Data provider classes are easily duplicated by right clicking on it and select duplicate, I renamed the duplicate classes in AOT. Initially I did not change anything in renamed classes so duplicate report will work with old data set.
But I did not find any duplicate option on AOT. After R&D I found that report can duplicate in visual studio. I create a new visual studio project Report project. Open Application Explore, Expand SSRS report node and drag it into visual studio project. Visual studio automatically duplicated the existing report
You can open Application explorer in Visual Studio è Viewè Application Explorer.

Application Explorer
Duplicate report by drag and drop
. Now the duplicated report will pointed to old Data provider class. Next step I copied the names of data set fields and parameters and properties into Notepad.  When I point the data set to duplicated classes, a new data set created, and parameters became duplicate. I removed the old parameters and set the new parameters with new names and their properties to as they were in deleted parameter. After this I checked that report layout is working with new data Set, Now I started modification in report and classes with requirements.

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