Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Microsoft Dynamics 2012 - R3 Basic Introduction

The expected date of release of R3 was April 2014. The anticipated new features are the center of discussion these days. The basic introduction to Dynamics 2012 R3 and few features to start with

1- R3 will be available on Cloud
2- Amazing Customer Experience
3- PowerQuery 

AX 2012 R3 will be available in the Cloud on Microsoft’s Azure server platform

Once released this could be the fastest and most cost effective way to deploy both development and UAT infrastructures for Dynamics AX.  There are still costs directly with Microsoft to run Azure servers but the overall speed of setup and the elimination of any hardware purchase make this a compelling offering.  And with Azure you only pay for server time used! 

Amazing Customer Experiences - Claim of Microsoft Dynamics R3

With new features and tools available through this release, you’ll be able to engage with customers on their terms, run agile operations to exceed your customers’ needs, and expand your business to better serve your customers.

What is written in the MS Dynamics R3 Preview document is as follows

“In this era of the customer – where technology has transformed the social fabric of how we engage, connect and interact with one another – it is critical for businesses to gain insight into their customers’ needs in order to deliver experiences that build lasting relationships. Operating in today’s digitally connected world impacts businesses in so many ways, that adapting to customer preferences with agility and speed is essential.”

Comments from Tatarinov

"In his keynote featuring Microsoft Dynamics customers Chobani Inc., City Harvest Inc., Delta Air Lines, Lotus F1 Team, New Belgium Brewery Co. and Weight Watchers International Inc., Tatarinov called on businesses to change their approach and adopt a customer-centric view to enable them to deliver meaningful customer interactions. In this era of the customer, he underscored the importance of technology combined with cultural changes in the organization as critical for businesses to gain insight into their customers’ needs and deliver experiences that help build lasting relationships."

Engage with customers on their terms
Mobile experiences delivered through Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 provide differentiating customer-facing experiences that help you:
·         Engage with the customers anywhere at any time. Online, in store or on-the-go, customers want business on their own terms. With R3 you can get tools to create seamless omni-channel engagements.
·         With the release of R3 you’ll be able to provide more meaningful services and advice to your customers in a way that makes sense for them.
  • Build profitable customer relationships. New social channels integration and ecommerce new features in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 let teams work together to serve customers in new ways, including support for customer-specific pricing, wish lists, and unassisted sales. Get support for loyalty programs across legal-entities and tiering of customers as well as enhanced gift card functionality. Even incorporate Facebook and Twitter into campaigns right out of the box.
Satisfy changing customer needs
Make your customers happy!
  • Offer choices. New and integrated Warehouse and Transportation Management capabilities helps you provide your customers with the fulfillment choices they want. You can even quickly act on their changing requirements with a few clicks of a button—and still keep logistics and transportation costs low.
  • Respond to continuously shifting customer requirements. Timely, end-to-end visibility into supply chain operations helps you balance inventory and operating expenses. In addition, we now provide support for basic SKU-level demand forecasting based on historic data, using a combination of Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Excel to view, visualize, and edit the forecast data.
  • Share highly-responsive, timely delivery insights with customers. With the integrated warehousing and transportation capabilities you have insight into your global supply chain with a few clicks, and can share this insight with your customers since they value information about their order status as much as receiving the order.
Serve your customers better and expand your business
Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3 can help reach new customers in new ways:
  • Deliver solutions to new geographies. Single-instance solutions help deploy organizational best practices to new geographies quickly and easily—without starting from scratch. The planned Master Data Management capabilities also support decentralized global installations. Manage Microsoft Dynamics AX projects from pre-sales to implementation and operations Lifecycle Services, a cloud-based framework that makes it easier to grow.
  • Innovate products and services. With Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, you and your employees have the insight and flexibility to drive innovation that improves business operations and the way they serve customers—empowering you to give customers what they want, when they want it. 

PowerQuery is a free download as an Excel Add-in 2013 and 2010

 What PowerQuery can do is that can integrate directly with your instance of AX 2012 company data. It allows user to connect directly with Queries and Services exposed to the document framework of the Excel Add-in. This allows easier creation of business intelligence reports on AX data directly connecting to the AX company database.  This does not require Office365 and can run standalone.

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