Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ufone Balance Issue - Drain your whole balance !

This blog is just to share the information about a leading Telecom Service Provider in Pakistan and issues encountered with UFONE.

Many people indicated the balance issue and their charges incurred, without prior notice or anything from UFONE. I recently came across this scenario which I wanted to share with everyone to save people from the TRAP !

1- I got charged for GPRS however my phone did not show any data in and out activity. Let us assume I did used GPRS.
2- I then called UFONE and asked them to disconnect the GPRS Service and finally I got SMS from them that services have been deactivated for your number.
3- I had a fierce communication with the Call Centre Agent and he assured that it will not be activated and you need to call us again to activate it. Now GPRS is deactivated on your number
4- Then I changed my handset... and used internet via Wifi and it continues. One day I got HisabSMS which included INTERNET Charges as well
5- I called them again and asked and to my surprise they said.. you changed your handset and services got activated automatically on it :)
6- I had a long long communications with Agents and Supervisors and everyone having the lame excuses that you changed hand set and bla bla..

Final Resolution
UFONE... tum he to hoo :)

Please ensure that your Mobile Data Connection is OFF and ensure that you are not connected to internet from UFONE. Do ask them by calling call center to disable GPRS Services... and even disable it again from Call Center when you change your SIM and install it in another mobile phone.

Do share any more problems encountered by someone else so that people can be saved from these balance drain issues of UFONE

Karachi Package - Issue

This is a good service provided from UFONE, but howerver this is also turning towards making revenue from your balance. Issues with this service is that

1- It gets automatically re-subscribed at 12:00 AM night and you need to un-subscribe it manually. Previously it was not the issue and most of the users are unware of this resubscribtion. You will get message of resubscription very late from UFONE letting you know that you are now resubscribed !

2- Since you need to do a manual unsubscription, you have to go it before 12 AM. Once you do this manual unsubscription, your pakckage expires ! even before 24 hours.... So you need to ensure you do it before 12 AM and you consume less than 200 minutes and before you unsubscribe you are done with your calls :)
What a TENSION FULL Package from UFONE !
Tum he to hoo !!

Services Auto Re-subscription Issues
Many of the services gets resubscribed itself without any intimation. You will get the intimation by sms very late in order. For instance, if any service is re-activated at 12:00 AM then you must be getting the SMS by that time. However what we have seen is no intimation from UFONE and finally getting SMS intimating us the re-subscription at around 11 AM or in afternoon.

This is also a big blunder in their service... or might be done deliberately to avoid the users to use the subscribed services.

Final Solution
Switch to some provider which is not doing all this to you balance !

Thanks very much

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