Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Unable to connect to TFS Server 2010 - Team Foundation services not available from server

We commonly encounter this problem, that VS is unable to connect to TFSServer 2010. There are many resolutions and reasons for this problem. We encountered this issue due to the following reason.

Problem Reason
- Our Administrator changed administrator password of administrator.
- Application poll start and stops again when it was accessed.
- whenever we start the application poll, it automatically stopped whenever someone access it.
- This administrator password was in the application poll to run it. When password changed, the service was unable to connect.

Simple resolution is to provide the correct username and password. Try to give administrator passowrd to run things normally.

enter 3 dots and you will see the last screen shot screen

Enter correct username and password on this screen

This will resolve the problem

Hope this will help you

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