Wednesday, March 9, 2011

CSS and Javascript not loading in Asp.Net WebSite and WebApplication

Today we came across a very strange and unique issue. The Asp.Net WebApplication has everything perfect and virtual directory and other configrations is perfect, but when we run the application, CSS and Javascript files were not included. The refrences and inlcude scripts were perfect and we cross checked everything. But in vain.

Finally, we found the following solution from this Blog

The contents of this Blog are as follows

Don't forget to check "Static content service" in IIS7 installation
Before a couple of days ,I started to work on Vista and IIS 7, and since the default installation for Vista doesn't includes IIS7, I started by trying to install IIS 7.So I went to control panel, Programs and features, then to " turns windows features on or off",
After the dialog displayed , I navigate to application development features and checked and IIS management console, then I selected to install them , after the installation finishes , I prompted to restart the computer and i did. after i logged in a gain , and after i added an existing website to in IIS, i requested the website from the browser,then the problems started ,the browser displayed an empty page with no images , no scripts ... I tried to restart, reinstall with no luck , after many hours I find it ,

I didn't checked the "Static Content service" , look at the red Box in the Image below :

Note that the "static content" service is responsible for serving the Static contents like images, scripts , style sheets file, ....
In my opinion , if the user doesn't checked this option( which will be checked by default if you checked the " internet information service " root node ) windows vista must displays an alert or something , so that the user doesn't waste the time to know the problem ...
I have posted this problem and hoping to help some one in the future.

BTW: this problem still exists in windows 7 and window server 2008

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