Thursday, August 26, 2010

Silverlight 4 - Getting Started in ASP.Net

The new technology - Silverlight ! All the forums and websites full of its importance and usage. We are still in the phase of decision as to how to integrate Silverlight in our exisiting ASP.Net Application. With confused mind, we are unable to make any profound decision. Did some postings on the web also, to acquire the ideas of exprienced people to get to know the solution.
One idea is to completley transform the exisiting application to SL, which is out of the question. Second idea is to find out the areas which we can replace with the SL Controls. We are still working on that.

The main area would be to write a communication layer between the Asp.Net Current Application and the new Silverlight Application. WCF is the preferred way !

Will update on this blog about the work.

Do comment, what do you think about SL and integration of it in Asp.Net

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